Call of Duty: MW3 Season 4 Reloaded Update Goes Live With Extensive Patch Notes (2024)

Season 4 Reloaded brings a ton of new content to Modern Warfare 3.

By Logan Moore

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III's massive Season 4 Reloaded update has now gone live across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. With Season 4 now halfway over, Activision has pushed out its standard Reloaded patch as a way of giving MW3 more content until the start of Season 5. To that end, this new update contains massive overhauls of the meta of MW3 while also incorporating new modes, maps, and other alterations to Zombies.

When it comes to the new additions for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, three new 6v6 maps titled Incline, Das Gross, and Bitvela have been brought to the game. These maps join five new game modes, two new weapons, and a litany of balance changes for the guns already found in MW3. On the Zombies side of things, a new challenge called Unstable Rifts has been added. This mode is wave-based and will have players fighting off hordes of zombies after entering "rifts". All of this new content is joined by a ton of bug fixes that have been made to all aspects ofMW3.

To get a look at everything that is included with this Season 4 Reloaded update for Call of Duty: MW3, you can find the full patch notes attached below.

Call of Duty: MW3 Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes


Incline (6v6)

Explore a research outpost in the mountains of Urzikstan in Incline, an original snow map featuring intense fights in hostile weather.

Das Gross (6v6)

In this horrifying map variant of Das Haus, blood drips from the walls, and sharp, pointed teeth protrude from exposed muscle.

Bitvela (6v6)

Visit a pixel-art-inspired variant of the classic Favela in the Bit Party Playlist.


Get High returns with a new course full of obstacles and surprises. Unlock three new Weapon Camos, collect coins, and uncover secrets along the race to the top! How high can you get?


Reclaimer 18 (Shotgun)

A tactical shotgun that can be fired in both pump-action and semi-auto modes. Pump-action provides superior range while semi-auto increases fire rate. Unlock it via the Battle Pass.

Sledgehammer (Melee)

Smash the competition into the dirt with this sledgehammer melee weapon. Unlock it via the Week 5 Challenges.


Look for new Aftermarket Parts to arrive via Weekly Challenges, alongside the Sledgehammer Melee Weapon, and Seasonal Blueprint and Camo rewards.

JAK Volkh (KV Inhibitor & KVD Enforcer | Week 6)

A meticulously crafted stock and receiver modification that updates the weapon to fire a two-round burst at minimal MOA dispersion, making every trigger pull count.

JAK Gunslinger (Basilisk | Week 7)

A frame and cylinder conversion that allows the revolver to hold eight rounds of .357 ammunition with an exceptional increase to rate of fire and a near instantaneous trigger action.



Take turns playing as a team of humans or mutants in a moshpit of modes. Mutants possess a series of unique abilities that can stun, disorientate, and eliminate enemy humans. Switch sides at halftime.

Bit Party

Kill the enemy to make your head bigger! Kill enemies with big heads to earn more points for your team.


Experience a variety of wacky modifiers. First team to reach the score limit wins.

Headshots Only

Headshots only. No melee.

Blueprint Gunfight

Small team, multi-round cage matches, now with Blueprints. First team to reach the round-win limit wins.


Altered Strain (6/26-7/24)

The strain has mutated! Collect altered DNA samples from fallen foes and caches to earn rewards and unlock effects for Mutation.

Retro Warfare (6/26-7/3)

Press start to begin this 8-bit event! Earn XP to unlock rewards.

Vacation Squad (7/3-7/10)

The beach is calling and the Task Force is on vacation. Complete event challenges to earn tropical rewards.

Vortex: Death's Grip (7/10-7/24)

Death's grasp has taken over the Vortex. Complete challenges to unlock ghastly rewards.



  • Beam Saber Blueprint for the Soulrender can now perform melee executions from the front, as the base Weapon can.

  • Attachment Skins will no longer unequip after returning to a Private Match lobby.,

Grand Mastery Calling Cards and Emblems

In Season 4 Reloaded, we're introducing new Calling Cards and Emblem rewards for players who've completed a Grand Mastery grind in Modern Warfare III. Players who've reached these accomplishments before this update will be granted their respective items in the coming days.

The Grand Mastery rewards breakdown is as follows…

  • MWIII Multiplayer Grand Mastery

    • 1x Calling Card (New)

    • 1x Emblem (New)

    • 1x Weapon Charm

  • MWIII Zombies Grand Mastery

    • 1x Calling Card (New)

    • 1x Emblem (New)

    • 1x Weapon Charm

  • MWII Zombies Grand Mastery

    • 1x Calling Card (New)

    • 1x Emblem (New)

    • 1x Weapon Charm



  • Victim Calling Card is now displayed on the HUD upon killing an enemy.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue preventing the Scoreboard from scrolling in Free-for-All modes.

    • Addressed various issues allowing incompatible Attachment combinations in the Gunsmith.

    • Weapons converted from burst-fire to full-auto now display an accurate Fire Rate in the Detailed Stats modal.

    • Proper team colors are now shown on the minimap in Gunfight mode.

    • HUD widgets now properly display downed teammates in Cutthroat mode.

    • Calling Cards are now sized appropriately in HUD splash notifications.

    • Fixed Event challenge completion splashes displaying incorrect rewards.

    • Addressed an exploit allowing Gunsmith Attachment limits to be bypassed.

    • Adjusted descriptions and Pros and Cons for various Attachments to more accurately reflect their true statistics.


  • Addressed an exploit allowing kills without dying challenges to be completed improperly.

  • Improved tracking of the Priceless Camo challenge for the RGL-80.

  • Removed duplicate JAK BFB Muzzle Attachment unlock for the BAS-B.

  • Removed duplicate Cronen Dark KX30 Muzzle unlocks for the Kastov 762 and Chimera.


  • Rundown

    • Improved inconsistent bullet penetration on low-wall surfaces.

  • Scrapyard

    • Added a mantle prompt to the shipping container near the Loading Zone.

    • Fixed an exploit allowing players to interact with Demolition objectives from an unintended location.

  • Terminal

    • Fixed an exploit allowing players to interact with Demolition objectives from an unintended location.

  • Tokyo

    • Removed collision causing low-flying aerial Killstreaks to be destroyed.

    • Improved private match Bot player pathing near vehicles.

    • Fixed multiple areas where enemy nameplates could be seen through walls.


Submachine Guns

  • FJX Horus

    • Decreased maximum damage range from 15.2m to 13.7m (-10%).

    • Decreased near-medium damage range from 25.4m to 22.9m (-10%).

    • Decreased medium damage range from 33m to 29.7m (-10%).

    • Decreased far-medium damage range from 40.6m to 36.6m (-10%).

    • JAK Scimitar Kit

      • Increased damage range benefit from 35% to 65%.


  • KV Broadside

    • JAK Jawbreaker Conversion Kit

      • Fixed an issue causing Muzzle Attachment to unequip in gameplay.

Marksman Rifles

  • Kar98k

    • Removed hipfire aim assist properties for controller input devices.

    • Decreased strength of ADS aim assist properties for controller input devices.

Controller aim assist properties of the Kar98k are now aligned with the Sniper Rifle class.

  • Lockwood Mk2

    • JAK Wardens Conversion Kit

      • Increased sprint to fire speed from 35ms to 100ms (+186%).

      • Decreased maximum damage range from 4.6m to 3m (-33%).

      • Decreased near-medium damage range from 8.9m to 7.1m (-20%).

Sniper Rifles

  • Carrack .300

    • Increased maximum damage from 95 to 128 (+35%).

    • Increased near-medium damage from 90 to 95 (+6%).

    • Increased medium damage from 70 to 90 (+29%).

    • Increased minimum damage from 60 to 70 (+17%).

    • Decreased maximum damage range from 30.7m to 12.7m (-59%).

    • Decreased near-medium damage range from 58.1m to 30.7m (-47%).

    • Decreased medium damage range from 69.6m to 58.1m (-16%).

    • Increased head and neck damage multiplier from 1.7x to 2.2x.

    • Increased lower torso damage multiplier from 1x to 1.1x.


  • COR-45

    • XRK IP-V2 Conversion Kit

      • Fixed an exploit allowing the Akimbo Rear Grip to be equipped.


  • A.C.S.

    • Hacked equipment will no longer prompt the player to pick it up.


  • Mosquito Drone

    • Damage is no longer dealt to the Killstreak owner near a drone explosion.

  • Mortar Strike

    • Removed 2s delay before mortar fire begins once the target is marked.

    • Decreased mortar travel time from 4s to 3s (-25%).

    • Decreased delay between mortars from 500-750ms to 250-500ms.

    • Increased number of mortars per wave from 4 to 6.

    • Decreased time between waves from 3.25-4s to 2.25-2.75s.

Given these changes, the time between target acquisition and first mortar impact is halved from 6s to 3s. Although the overall duration of a wave has not changed due to the increase in mortars and decrease in delay, it is now more difficult to outrun a Mortar Strike.

  • Missile Drone

    • Improved flight paths on several maps to prevent obstructed view of playspace.

  • Swarm

    • Damage is no longer dealt to the Killstreak owner near a drone explosion.

  • DNA Bomb

    • Players within vehicles are no longer immune to death.


  • Unrestricted the MTZ-556 Assault Rifle.

  • Unrestricted the Holger 556 Assault Rifle.

Thanks to all who participated in the Ranked Play Weapon Evaluation in recent months. Based on thedata we previously shared, we've made the decision to unrestrict an additional two Assault Rifles for use in Multiplayer Ranked Play. We'll continue to monitor feedback for further opportunities to increase the variety of Weapon usage in the competitive experience.



Get ready for a new wave-based combat challenge: Unstable Rifts. When you enter an Unstable Rift, you'll face increasingly intense waves of enemies. Win and the cooldown will reset on all your insured weapons and schematics, letting you enter the next match fully equipped. If you miss the chance to join a Rift, Strike Team Operators can locate additional opportunities on the map.

Beware, Unstable Rifts are unpredictable. Some things work differently; some advantages are given, and others taken away. However, the loot is worth it: a maxed-out Pack-A-Punch weapon with maximum Rarity to use while in the Rift, plus free Perks and Upgrades to help you face the hordes.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed inaccurate weapon ammo counts being displayed on the HUD.

    • Addressed an issue causing parties of three or more to become stuck while matchmaking.

    • Camo unlock requirements for Melee weapons will no longer display inconsistently.

    • Resolved an issue with notifications repeating and replicating for some unlocks.

  • The Prestige 14 Zombies calling card challenge "Run 'Em Down" (Pickup Artist) now tracks properly.

  • Lachmann Shroud

    • JAK Decimator Conversion Kit

      • Pack-a-Punch will no longer remove the full-auto firing capability.

  • Equipping an explosive ammunition will no longer prevent Ammo Mods from being activated

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Call of Duty: MW3 Season 4 Reloaded Update Goes Live With Extensive Patch Notes (2024)


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